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 Overview: Tatooine

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Overview: Tatooine 250px-Tatoooinefull

Region: Outer Rim Territories
Sector: Arkanis sector
System: Tatoo system
  • Tatoo I
  • Tatoo II
Moons: 3
Distance from Core: 43,000 light years
Rotation period: 23 standard hours
Orbital period: 304 local days
Native species:
  • Kumumgah
  • Tusken Raider
  • Jawas
  • Trooshti
  • Cliffborer worms
  • Mole creatures
  • Dewback
  • Bantha
  • Ronto
  • Eopie
  • Womp rat
  • Sarlacc
  • Krayt dragon
Immigrated species:
  • Humans
  • Rodians
  • Pacithhip
  • Hutts
  • Askajians
  • Er'Kits
  • Ranats
  • Mandalorians
  • Toongs
  • Twi'leks
  • Saurins
  • Whiphids
  • Kitonaks
  • Zybahhod Yenyoni
  • Rancor
Population: 200,000
  • 70% Humans
  • 5% Tusken Raiders
  • 5% Jawas
  • 20% Other
Primary language(s):
  • Huttese
  • Galactic Basic Standard
  • Jawaese
  • Tusken
Government: Local Councils
Class: Terrestrial, arid rock
Diameter: 10,465 kilometers
Atmosphere: Type I (breathable)
Climate: Hot
Gravity: Standard
Primary terrain:
  • Desert
  • Some oaises
  • Mesas
  • Buttes
  • Canyons
Major cities:
  • Bestine (capital)
  • Allon
  • Anchorhead
  • Arnthout
  • Fort Tusken
  • Mos Eisley
  • Mos Entha
  • Mos Espa
  • Mos Gamos
  • Mos Ila
  • Mos Nytram
  • Mos Osnoe
  • Mos Taike
  • Mos Zabu
  • Motesta
  • Wayfar
Major imports:
  • Foodstuff
  • Metals
  • Chemicals
  • Medicine
  • Technology
Points of interest:
  • Beggar's Canyon
  • Gardulla's Palace
  • Jabba's Palace
  • Gorga's Palace
  • Watto's Shop
  • Mos Eisley Cantina
  • Dune Sea
  • Tusken Raider camp
  • Jawa camp
  • Lars homestead
  • Ben Kenobi's hut
  • Boonta Eve Classic
  • Great Pit of Carkoon
  • Jundland Wastes

Quote :
Tatooine is a desert world and the first in a binary star star system and is inhabited by poor locals who mostly farmed moisture for a living. Other activities included used equipment retailing and scrap dealing. The planet is on the 5709-DC Shipping Lane, a spur of the Triellus Trade Route, which itself connected to the Sisar Run. The planet is not far from the Corellian Run. It has its own navigation system. The planet has built up a very bad reputation, often being viewed as the cesspool of the galaxy due to the high-level of criminals who could be found on world.

Tatooine is thought to have been one of the oldest planets in known space, once a lush world that had large oceans and a world-spanning jungle inhabited by the native and technologically advanced Kumumgah. Sometime in its history, the Rakatan Infinite Empire invaded the planet and conquered and enslaved its native inhabitants. After a terrible plague weakened the Rakata, the Kumumgah eventually rebelled and managed to drive the Rakata off the planet. In response they subjected the planet to an orbital bombardment that "glassed" (that is, fused the silica in the soil into glass, which then broke up over time into sand) the planet and boiled its oceans away. It is possible that the Kumumgah's excessive production started this drastic climatic change before the Rakata arrived. Nonetheless this change split the indigenous Kumumgah into two races: the Ghorfas and the Jawas.

Tatooine was first discovered by the Republic in 5,000 BBY but before that, space battles had already occurred near and over the planet. Unfortunately the Republic had inadvertently disturbed the Ghorfa's water harvest, this caused them to evolve into the Sand People. Not long after, the Republic was forced to abandon the planet for the first time and it was resettled over and over by various forgotten governments. 800 years later, the first colony named Anchorhead was established by an unnamed authority. Over many years, the settlement was abandoned and recolonized over and over by more unknown governments. The name Tatooine was coined from the Jawa name for the planet, Tah-doo-Een-e.

In 100 BBY, the Dowager Queen crashed on the planet at the site where Mos Eisley was later built. The crash survivors were Humans from Bestine IV, who established Bestine, the capital of Tatooine, and made first contact with the Jawas. Shortly thereafter, colonists founded Fort Tusken, which was wiped out by Sand People five years after its establishment. From that point on the Humans and other species referred to the Sand People as the "Tusken Raiders." Anchorhead was then re-inhabited in 93 BBY. Mos Eisley was settled by Humans and Rodians in 85 BBY and Mos Espa was settled 80 BBY.

The Corellia Mining Corporation brought many digger crawlers to the planet, but abandoned it, as did the Republic for all intents and purposes, in 70 BBY, when the orbital station Tatoo III crashed, revealing the unstable nature of the local ores from which it had been constructed. The abandoned crawlers radically changed Jawa civilization, serving as mobile fortresses for Jawa tribes searching the deserts for materials to scavenge.

Although the planet was thereafter considered technically part of the Republic's Arkanis sector, the Hutts became its de facto rulers when they arrived in 65 BBY using the planet as an important transfer point between the Triellus and the Corellian Run. The inhabitants of Tatooine included many different species from many parts of the galaxy, as can be seen in the multiple bars and cantinas in the cities. Most creatures on the planet loved to gamble on nearly everything, especially podracing.
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Overview: Tatooine
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