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 Overview: Nal Hutta

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Overview: Nal Hutta Empty
PostSubject: Overview: Nal Hutta   Overview: Nal Hutta I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 12, 2012 12:45 am

Overview: Nal Hutta 250px-Nalhutta

Region: Mid Rim
Sector: Hutt Space
System: Y'Toub system
Suns: Y'Toub
Moons: 5
Distance from Core: Unknown
Rotation period: 87 standard hours
Orbital period: 413 local days
Native species:
  • Evocii
  • Vippit
Immigrated species:
  • Hutts
  • Humans
  • Yuuzhan Vong
Population: 7 billion
  • 43% Hutts
  • 29%Human
  • 15% Vippits
  • 14% Others
Primary language(s):
  • Ancient Evocii
  • Ancient Vippit
  • Huttese
  • Galactic Basic Standard
  • Yuuzhan Vong
Government: Clan Council
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 12,150 kilometers
Atmosphere: Type I (breathable)
Climate: Temperate
Gravity: Standard
Primary terrain:
  • Glimmering urban zones
  • Decaying urban zones
  • Oceans
  • Swamps
  • Bogs
  • Marshes
Major cities:
  • Bilbousa (capital)
  • Jiguuna
Major imports:
  • Foodstuff
  • Technology
  • Luxury Goods
Points of interest:
  • Winter Palace
  • Gardulla the Hutt's
  • Palace
  • Hutt Palaces
  • Jabba's Nal Hutta Palace
  • Palace of Nem'ro the Hutt

Quote :
Nal Hutta (Glorious Jewel in Huttese), also known simply as Hutta, is the capital of Hutt Space and was located in the Y'Toub system. The planet is controlled by the ancient ruling Hutt families, who also ruled its moon Nar Shaddaa from Nal Hutta.

It was formerly known as Evocar and was home to the humanoid Evocii. Prior to15,000 BBY, the Hutt settlers owned a small province on Evocar, following the destruction of the Hutt home-world of Varl in 15,000 BBY. The Hutts collaborated with Vippit lawyers from Alee in buying out the planet from the Evocii, regarding it as a suitable new home. Due likely to their legendary greed, the Hutt's ownership of Evocar continued to grow through business deals where they traded their technology with the relatively primitive Evocii for portions of land. Using both legal and violent measures, the Hutts established themselves as the rulers of the planet and renamed it Nal Hutta. Hutt palaces, amusement parks and other constructions were built all over Evocar, and the Evocii could do nothing about it. The Hutts destroyed the planet's lush mountainous rainforests, terraforming the planet into what they considered paradise.

The Evocii appealed to the Galactic Republic, however the contracts signed were legally binding, and the Republic ruled in favor of the Hutts. Many of the Evocii were eventually evicted by the Hutts, and relocated to the planet's fifth moon, which would later be known as Nar Shaddaa, The Smuggler's Moon. The Hutts then destroyed the remaining Evocii agriculture and whatever was left of the original terrain and then terraformed (destroyed) any remaining patches of land. Most of the Evocii who remained on Nal Hutta were enslaved to build the cities of Nal Hutta.

Nal Hutta, lacks natural heavy metals meaning its density was less than that of most worlds. The planet was originally a lush jungle world with vast oceans, though the Hutts eventually transformed it into a polluted and barren wasteland. Once it became known as Nal Hutta, much of the surface became covered by flat, marshy bogs, stagnant, muddy puddles and patches of sickly marsh grass inhabited by insects and spiders. The few other species to survive the Hutt's environmental changes mutated and adapted to the pollutant laden environment. Some, like the Chemilizard were able to extract nutrients from the industrial waste of the Hutts. Others developed extensive chemical defenses. The areas still habitable by the native species were viciously competed for making the many of the species on Nal Hutta some of the most aggressive animals in the galaxy. The atmosphere was also polluted by strip-mining operations and heavy industrialization, and a greasy rain drizzled down on the surface, although not to the extent of Dagobah. Raw materials were constantly strip-mined from the planet's surface and shipped to Nar Shaddaa for processing and export.
Nal Hutta
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Overview: Nal Hutta
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