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 Stirring in the Darkness

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PostSubject: Stirring in the Darkness   Stirring in the Darkness I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 05, 2016 12:48 pm

Clothed in pain and darkness, He awoke. Cycles had passed since He had last been aware of the universe around Him, His mastery of the Force opening every aspect of it to Him. He felt galaxies swirl and planets turn. He felt the inexorable march of time and let it wash over Him. It was nothing, and He was everything. Most of all, He felt the darkness. It was a part of Him, and He a part of it, with no real ending of one and beginning of the other. Had it always been this way? He could no longer remember a time before the darkness was His. Ah, but he could remember life.

Beautiful life, and all of its pleasures. His own beauty within it, indescribable, undeniable. And how that life was taken from Him. Yes, He would never forget the battle that ended His life, the Duinuogwuin that dared to challenge Him. His fall. So much time had passed since He had fallen, the stars now lay in different places, the planets teeming with far more sentient life than He recalled. Life that would bow to Him. Life that He would reclaim.

Even within the cold void of space, He could coil the darkness around Him and touch the minds of those He sent to do His bidding. The broken experiment, the mad apprentice. They served their purpose well, and in time, their efforts would bear much fruit for Him. He touched their minds, in turn, letting them know that He watched and waited, urging them towards their goals. Through the Force, He could sense that the time of His rebirth was approaching. He knew that it would soon be time to move. Brooding, jealous of the life He felt in the darkness all around Him, He began to gather the wisps of darkness around Him, pooling His power and preparing to travel. The galaxy had seen nothing like Him in many cycles, but soon it would tremble at His whim once more.
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Stirring in the Darkness
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