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 Great Warriors Unite

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PostSubject: Great Warriors Unite   Great Warriors Unite I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 24, 2014 4:16 am

The blade hissed sharply as it sliced through the last of the kath-hound and fall to the ground with a thud. She turned to face the last two of the pack, three of their comrades already laying sprawled at her feet like broken rag dolls. She raised one paw and motioned for them to come at her which they did, two sets of jaws leaping to snap at her head. The lightsaber moved quickly with a life of its own and they too fell without never knowing what hit them.  The mighty Jedi warrior, Slyvar straighten and swept her brown hair over her shoulder, her ears twitching faintly as they were finally greeted with a heavy silence. The day had been won once again to her courage and skills with the force.

“Rejoice citizens, the hounds have been defeated by me, Slyvar your Jedi protector.” Her lightsaber went once again to her hip as the crowd cheered, chanting her name and she bowed deeply. A smile flicking across her lips as the sun dipped below the horizon and the last of its rays warmed her fur.

She stiffened as her feet left the ground, her lightsaber shaken from her grip clattered deactivating onto the rocks below. “Come along, mighty warrior it’s time for bed.”
Slyvar ear’s flattened back and she pouted, a tiny ball of fur curled up in the jedi’s arms once again. “Aww, just five more minuets….” She looked over the shoulder carrying her to the stick as it lay on the rocks, the ring of applause dissolving from her ears, “Not today.” She pouted once more but did not fight as she was carried tenderly back inside of the enclave and tucked into her on bunk warmly.

“Why don’t you ever invite the other children to play with you?” She moved her feet as the jedi sat, watching her with kind but questioning eyes.

“They don’t like me. They think I look weird.” She pulled the blanket around her head to cover her ears and hide her cattish features from the prying eyes of the other younglings.

“Give them time, Slyvar, you’re new here and most of them have never seen a cathar before.” The jedi unwrapped the blanket from her and lay it neatly across her lap with a sweet smile, “Before long they’ll see your wonderful imagination and you’ll have lots of new friends to play with.”

Slyvar poked her bottom lip out and watched the Jedi started to leave, muttering how she didn’t need any new friends. When the lights flicked off she dove under the blanket and turned on the small flashlight, reading the books she’d brought from home about the great Jedi warrior she’d been named for, she didn’t need anyone.
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Great Warriors Unite
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