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 Masks upon Masks

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PostSubject: Masks upon Masks   Masks upon Masks I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 10, 2014 3:28 am

“It’s a pleasure to see you again, Count.”

Her voice was soft and she inclined her head respectfully to the man who stood regally before her, a gentle smile played across her lips. The other Jedi, Lucas also smiled but for very different reasons. They both had traveled together from the temple on Coruscant to Orlan’s ship the Progenitor as it orbited the small world below. Lilith had heard almost by chance that he’d found a holocron and offered it to the temple for their library. Unfortunately he couldn’t come to deliver it personally as he had business to attend too and had invited the order to send someone to collect it. Had he hoped they’d send her? If so it sadly proved not to be the case. They’d sent a newly knighted Jedi, Lucas Detheior, as it was an easy mission to ease them into their lifestyle. Lilith did not have much more experience than him but the last time she returned to the temple it was noted she was holding herself with more confidence. They naturally assumed Lilith had become comfortable with herself as a Jedi, after all she’d been a fast learner and had a strong infinity with the force already. Never did they once suspect. Lilith had offered to go with Lucas, after all, she reassured him she was meaning to head that way already though they’d have to escort themselves home. He’d jumped at the chance, he was timid and young and the company of a lovely women was a welcome one.

Orlan hadn’t sent for her directly but she did not care. Any opportunity she could get to see him, she’d take it with gusto. It would be a good test she reasoned to see how well she could maintain her cover around a Jedi, see how much she had learned from Orlan to be able to wrap her emotions so tightly around herself that no one else could perceive them. So she stood on his bridge now shaking his hand as if they were nothing more than old acquaintances. At her throat was the necklace set with the original crystal that activated her lightsabre. She remembered the last time they saw one another, she had rested her head on his chest and put the other half of the crystal into his hand. It was the last bond she had to her old life as a Jedi and it felt only fitting she share it with him. Neither of them wanted to see her leave his side but necessity called for it, he needed her inside the temple to be able to fulfill the orders his master had given them and she loved him too much to deny him anything.

She took a step back respectfully as the other knight introduced themselves and lowered her head a touch. He was as magnificent as she remembered, more so then the dreams in which he visited her. Her simple Jedi garb did nothing to hide her natural beauty and she stood tall, proud of the swell of her breasts, the shape of her hips and the sharpness of her mind.
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Masks upon Masks
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