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 Dolls and Blood Loss

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PostSubject: Dolls and Blood Loss   Dolls and Blood Loss I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2013 11:12 am

Blood – it was within the viscous fluid that held the Force, power, strength. That lesson had be learnt long ago when the First Blood had been spilt across the pretty tiles on the kitchen floor. It had painted strange archaic symbols which only her eyes saw and it had led her to the Master. He had been strong, stronger than her but she was chosen. He had given her the power because of the blood and so the more the she spilt the more powerful she became. It was only logical. The Force had tested her dedication though, it made her a prodigy in manipulating it and lightsabre combat but the trick was those skills did not allow for the spray of pretty, red drops onto walls and floors. No, her lightsaber did nothing but seer its prey but she knew how to make it splatter again. Oh, yes, she was a true believer and so her hands became testament to it. Her nails were tipped with small razors which cut into the flesh, spread the blood, tapped her into its power once more.

Sent to Hoth she was, commanded by the unseen voice in her mind. On Hoth it whispered of a Jedi enclave thought hidden amongst snow and ice. The voice had given her access codes for her ship to land safely right in the heart of it and a pretty canvas for her to splash red once more. Yes, today was a good day. The ship had landed the gantry lowering. She saw it all from behind her mask, her bright eyes burning with intent as the Jedi regarded her with a growing look of suspicion.

No, no, don’t be afraid, little ones. I'll show you the way. I'll release the force from your veins and you'll see the truth like me.

Her cloak swirled around her as her extended her power, taking them by surprise as her hand rose and flung one into the other and then again into the wall. Her head canted to one side watching them lay unmoving like broken dolls. She smiled, she wanted to sit them up and play with her new toys but she was urged on by the Unseen One and reluctantly with a pout she turned back to her mission. What was it again? Oh yes, the pretty. The Unseen One wanted the pretty, it had been good to her today to allow her into such a nice playground so she really ought to return the favour and collect the pretty. With a wave of goodbye to the dolls she turned and started down a corridor, looking for something or someone else to play with.
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Dolls and Blood Loss
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