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 Templeton 'Tempt' Taylor.

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PostSubject: Templeton 'Tempt' Taylor.   Templeton 'Tempt' Taylor. I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 20, 2012 5:47 am

Full Name: Templeton Taylor
Date of Birth: ??
Age: ??

Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Green
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 160lbs
Distinguishing Marks: Black “tribal” tattoos on both forearms. Angel wings tattoo, full back with word Tempt.

Templeton is the kind of vampire everyone in the city knows, outsiders are often referred to him if they get into trouble or need something and don’t know how to get it, “go to Tempt, he’ll sort you out.” He was born in the Age of Enlightenment and is the sole owner of Taylor Holdings Pty Ltd. No one really knows that though he doesn’t try and hide it. He lives in a large 2 storied apartment on the edge of the city main districts, easy walking distance to all his favourite vices. He’s got expensive things but his home is well lived in, clothes, cd and clutter all over the floors and furniture. Quite often you’ll find someone usually a musician or artist passed out on his couch. His kitchen is always stocked with beer or wine, cigarettes and the occasional mellow drug like marijuana. Any vampire is free to enter and crash at his pad as long as they obey his rules which consist mainly of don’t shit where you live aka no killing mortals or vampires in my pad, don’t trash my stuff unless you do it in epic fashion, don’t shit where you eat and if you insist on drawing on my walls make it good or you have to repaint them white, etc: He never locks his place knowing if someone did steal from him he’d find them and teach them a lesson through his network of vampires and dealers, thieves, homeless who are loyal to him.

In old WOD he’s be a primogen simply by his nature which tends to look out for younger vampires regardless of clan or bloodline, which means a lot of vampires in the city feel like they owe him one. He’s the type of vampire who never shows to a primogen council meeting unless the sheriff was sent expressly to fetch him but if another vampire tried to take the title from him he’d fuck their shit up. He’s loyal to his clan and those he calls friends always backing them in a fight and if he sees a vampire who’s not in a fair fight he’d back them up too. Example if he saw an elder picking on a neonate he’d side with the youngling unless said youngling had a flame thrower so the fight was evenly matched, then he’d mind his own business and probably even bet on the outcome. A lot of vampires his age or older then him distrust him or downright hate him, he’s got a few he’d be ‘down with’ and most of the younger like him as he’s probably sheltered them at some point in their unlife.

He’s got no political agenda nor does he want to lead a city or a revolution. He has no particular loyalties to anyone but himself and only takes on jobs for vampires he’s friends with or will provide him with some entertainment. He would have lounged with Lord Byron smoking opium, gotten into duels over matters of honor or offence, fought in WWI and WWII but been a draft dodger in Vietnam simply because he’d been there and done that. He’s have communed with hippies and jammed with rockers like Hendrix in the 80’s. He’s very widely read knowing almost all the lore about his own clan and open entering his home you can often hear music playing from all spectrums from classical to old rock, jazz to blues depending on his mood. He sketches a bit too, nothing amazing but he clearly has some still and a keen eye which toreador appreciate. He smokes not because it gives him anything but because he likes the image it portrays to the world, he’s usually dressed in ripped jeans, t shirts and hoddie but looks amazing in formal attire as well. His hair always looks like he’s come out of the shower and allowed it to dry naturally, but it always looks silken and untangled.

He’s cultivated talents like lock picking, computer hacking, car theft, drug dealing, and if he had a catch phrase it would be “nah, don’t worry about it – just owe me one.” He won’t go out looking for a fight but he’ll more then happily obliges others with his fists if that’s what they want. He prefers to fight hand-to-hand then use guns but he’s adept at using them despite this because he’s recognised times have changed and people aren’t as honourable as they used to be.
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Templeton 'Tempt' Taylor.
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