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 Written Transmission: Kel, Ty, Kor and Rookie.

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PostSubject: Written Transmission: Kel, Ty, Kor and Rookie.   Tue Feb 21, 2012 7:00 am

Quote :
From: Senna
Recipient: Kel Requis, Ty Requious, Rookwoor, Kor Dellig
Subject: N/A.


The Jedi Council's wisdom is not to be trusted anymore. They just granted me my first padawan.

Senna smiled as she sent the news to her old friends, it had been some years since they all last spoke. Jedi often do drift apart after they pass their trials but she hoped that they were still part of the Order so her note could find them wherever they may be. She also hoped they wouldn't mind her simply picking back up where they all left off but somehow she knew they'd want to know this news because to her mind, despite the time, they were all still firm friends.
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Written Transmission: Kel, Ty, Kor and Rookie.
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